Siberian Kittens For Sale in Ohio

Nikarl Siberians offers gorgeous Siberian kittens for sale to responsible cat lovers. Reputable Siberian cat breeders in Ohio. Shipping within the USA and Canada.

Nikarl Siberians

Grand Rapids, Ohio
Tel: 419-832-1500  Cell:

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Siberian Kittens For Sale

Available Kittens

Reserve kittens from upcoming litters.
Retired adult breeders sometimes available.
Please contact me through [email protected] instead of Outlook Express.

Upcoming Litters

Two in mid-December, 2008, will likely be all colorpoints. Some reserves taken.

If you are interested in applying to purchase one of the Siberian kittens for sale listed above, please call Nikki at 419-832-1500 or - or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

About Our Breeding Program

Small home-based breeder is lifetime cat lover and conscientious cat caretaker. Russian and Championship lines; Quality bred for health, personality and standard. Specializing in Neva Masquerade Lynx Point Siberians with blue eyes; tested with cat allergic families; Kittens are raised in immaculate non-smoking home environment with careful attention to physical, social and psychological health. Nikarl breeds healthy, friendly, very affectionate, playful, stunningly beautiful kittens that make ideal companions. Screening of potential buyers for responsibility of pet ownership and lifetime commitment.

Our Siberian cats and kittens are registered with Cattery registered with T.I.C.A. and C.F.A.; Cats with T.I.C.A..

Nikki is also a professional artist, specializing in portraits, and offers a 40% discount on a pet portrait to everyone who adopts a kitten.

Nikarl Sergei

Nikarl Bindi, a Brown Tabby and White girl born March 14, 2008, a sweet pet, will be a future queen at Nikarl.

Siberian Kitten Health Information

Cats and Kittens tested for FeLV/FIV. Breeding cats tested for coronavirus titer; HCM. No known HCM or PKD in lines. Health guarantees.

Contact Nikarl Siberians

Thank you for your interest in our Siberian kittens for sale. We care about our kittens and their future well-being and care. In placing our kittens, Non-smokers only! Responsibility of pet ownership, love and devotion to animals and lifetime commitment with ability and willingness to finance quality care throughout life of the cat and with determination of long life for the cat. Conscientiousness toward regular cleanliness of surroundings and honest interest in the comfort and well-being of pets. People who can be home with the cat much of the time. Willingness to keep in touch with occasional emails, letters and photos a plus!.

If you would like more information or would like to apply to purchase a Siberian kitten from Nikarl Siberians, please call Nikki at 419-832-1500 or contact us by email. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you decide if the Siberian cat breed is the right choice for you.

Our Siberian kittens for sale are located in a reasonable drive from:

24 miles to Toledo, OH; 68 miles to Fort Wayne, IN; 75 miles to Windsor, ON, Canada; 76 miles to Detroit, MI; 110 miles to Columbus, OH; 113 miles to Cleveland, OH; 124 miles to Akron, OH; 158 miles to Cincinnati, OH; 164 miles to Indianapolis, IN; 174 miles to London, Ontario, Canada.

Nikarl Nikitin, a Seal Lynx Point who resides with a local family, is part of Nikarl breeding program and is expecting kittens in December. Bolodenka is the sire.

Nikarl Petipa, a Black Golden Shaded Tabby and White born September of 2006, resides with a Michigan family but will be a breeding queen for Nikarl.